Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Freshwater Fly of the Month: Hemmingway Caddis

December Freshwater Fly of the Month: Hemmingway Caddis

The Hemingway Caddis is a variation of the Henryville, developed by Mike Lawson, with a Peacock Thorax and a Blue Dun Hackle for both the collar hackle and the palmered rib. It was named for Jack Hemingway, son of Ernest Hemingway, who preferred this variation when he fished the Henry's Fork in Idaho as he thought the Henryville Special was a little too brown in coloration.

The Hemingway Caddis is often used within Sierran streams, particularly Spring Creeks and slow-moving waters. Lawson usually ties the Quill Wings with two segments having the convex sides facing each other with some overlap. This is a quill flatwing style. Often, you will also see this pattern tied with one segment in a "Tent" style similar to the Kings River Caddis.

Either way, the quill wings provide a very good caddis sillouette. The colors of the hackle and body can be matched to the caddis found on the water.

The Hemingway Caddis has a extremely realistic narrow wing profile, is heavily hackled for good skittering and its charcoal color tone matches many real caddis. This is an excellent pattern to pull out when you have a late evening caddis hatch coming off. The darker color really shows up well in flat light and the profile is a dead-on match.

This is a very realistic looking dry caddis. It will float well in both still water and fast bubbling streams. It truly is a pattern Hemingway himself would be proud to fish with.

December Freshwater Lure of the Month: Rapala X-Rap Gold Xtreme Action Slashbait

Happy Holidays to All of our Fishing Enthusiasts!!

December Freshwater Lure of the Month: 
Rapala X-Rap Gold Xtreme Action Slashbait

"This is the ultimate subsurface swimmer in shore and offshore for king mackerel to the usual back country species; even a great bass fishing lure for schooling bass in open water." 

The Rapala X-Rap is the dream lure of the 21st century. It is where technical innovation meets Rapala fishing smarts to create a lure like nothing that has hit the water before.

It's premium finish includes prominent scales and lateral line on the fuselage to capture and flash light like a beacon. This Rapala slashbait cuts, darts and slashes its way through the water. Intended for trout and panfish, with an internal long-cast system built in, fishing the X-Rap will get any angler's adrenaline pumping.

Evolving the lineage of the X-Rap family, the Rapala X-Rap XR-8 Xtreme Action Slashbait
is "all about the action." The versatility of the X-Rap allows an angler to impart a number of fish-catching actions in a single retrieve. Casts like a bullet for long accurate casts. Prominent scales and lateral line on the fuselage capture and flash light like a beacon. It can be fished both in an aggressive "Slashbait®" technique or with a classic Rapala® wobble. The angler defines the cadence for maximum effectiveness. 

Loaded with features from tip to tail, textured translucent body, internal holographic foil, internal long cast system (XR04 excluded), 3D holographic eyes, flash foil teaser tails, Slashbait® action, Rapala “wobble” action, suspends on pause. All topped off with premium VMC® black nickel hooks, each hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure top performing action from the start.
    Running Depth: 3' - 5'
    Weight: 1/4 oz
    Body Length: 3-1/8"
    Slashbait® Action
    Suspending on Pause
    Textured Translucent Body
    Internal Holographic Foil
    3D Holographic Eyes
    Internal Long-Cast System (XR04 excluded)
    Stainless Steel Through Wire Construction
    VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
    3D Holographic Eye
    Flash Feather Teaser Tail

    Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested

    December Saltwater Lure of the Month: Paul Brown's Original

    December Saltwater Lure of the Month: Paul Brown's Original

    Happy Holidays to all of the Fishing Enthusiasts!  

    In 1974, avid Angler Paul Brown began experimenting with different types of trout lures.  He worked out of his garage, a place that his wife, Phyllis, lovingly called "The Shop".  It was in this very shop that Paul knew he was on to something with his newest creation, the "Corky".  The Corky has gone on to become one of the best big seat trout lures ever made, and is sold through Mirrolure's great line of baits.  

    It was always Paul's dream to supply fishermen throughout the country with a creation of his own, and this dream has been a reality for many years.  Paul continues to work with MirroLure consulting on lure creation to this day.

      The Corky was a unique lure that is actually a hybrid between a hard plug and a soft plastic.  If you look at the organic looking lure, it features a torpedo-like profile, an oversized eye, a subtle rattle, and a set of sticky sharp hooks that give it a very home made appearance.  The built in action of the Paul Brown Original, when fished correctly, is absolutely deadly on big speckled trout.  

    Deadly on coastal predators, Paul Brown’s Original Series Lures have a soft-bodied mullet profile. This lure once held the Texas State record for speckled trout and has taken thousands of other trophy-sized fish. Scientifically weighted with an internal wire harness and fish-calling rattle, the Original’s suspending action and lifelike eye make this one outstanding lure. The Original darts erratically from side-to-side with a twitching retrieve. Working depth: 0 to 24".

    Soft-bodied mullet profile
    Scientifically weighted
    "Fish-calling" rattle
    Suspending action
    Lifelike eye
    Side-to-side action on retrieve