Monday, June 22, 2015

June Saltwater Lure of the Month: Original MirroLure

Saltwater Lure of the Month
The MirrOlure was invented by Harold LeMaster while he was still attending high school during the depth of the Great Depression.  While out walking one afternoon, LeMaster stumbled upon his future in the form of a fallen walnut tree.  Selecting a suitable portion of the tree, LeMaster carved the first version of his MirrOlure using broken glass and scraps of sandpaper.  He brought forth one lure and then dozens more, all carved by hand from the same walnut tree.  As the good word spread about his creation demand for the MirrOlure increased.  LeMaster soon partnered with a close relative to form the L & S Bait Company.  Today, the L& S is still responsible for painstakingly manufacturing this fantastic fish-taker.

Without question, the MirrOlure enclosed was the result of a burst of inspiration from a creative mind, and its handcrafted production was a labor of love.  Much of the hands on attention to the original prototype lives on today.  The L & S Bait Company puts the MirrOlure through no fewer than twenty-seven individual checkpoints in order to assure the highest level of quality possible.  Now primarily known as a productive saltwater lure, a significant segment of the MirrOlure’s market due to the lure’s durability and versatility, many freshwater anglers have rediscovered the MirrOlure.  The MirrOlure is yet another example of a true classic lure still hard at work for today’s anglers in all types of fishing conditions.

Featured Lure: The MirrOlure
Designer: Harold LeMaster
Manufacturer: L & S Bait Company

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June Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bomber Model A

June Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bomber Model A

If you were limited to only one crankbait, you'd do well making it a Model A Bomber TM. A staple crankbait with avid fishermen for decades, the Model A's timeless design, workhorse durability and true running dependability, define the meaning of a "Go To Fishing Lure."

Millions of anglers rely on the Bomber Model A to catch a variety of fish, from largemouth and smallmouth bass to white bass, walleye, stripers and more. With a variety of sizes and running depths, there’s a Model A for every situation. For bass, cast and crank windy points and brushy flats. Troll productive areas for walleyes, white bass and other gamefish.

Crankbaits come and go but few plastic crankbaits have had the run the model A baits have. In a variety of sizes and variations the standard model A is still as popular as ever. They aren't as flashy as newer crankbaits but they are durable, cheap, and they still catch fish. If you were starting a crankbait box you could do alot worst than throwing in a couple model A baits. The 7a is the longtime favorite but all the models catch fish. 

For years the 7a was one of KVDs favorite crankbaits but he switched not because they quit catching fish but because of new sponsors. Because they are so cheap and durable you can thrown model As around cover alot easier on the pocketbook. And rocks and grass are where they excel I think. The hooks are better than ever and the colors improve every year. While it may not be the bait that wows your buddies the Model A baits may be the ones you throw the most. - 

June Freshwater Fly of the Month: Fish Skull Forage Fly

June Freshwater Fly of the Month: Fish Skull Forage Fly

The Forage Fly™ combines the unique features of the Fish-Skull™ head with natural body materials and a “frantic tail” to create an incredibly authentic baitfish imitation that is as versatile as it is realistic. While originally designed to target river species, such as trout and smallmouth bass, this pattern has proven itself equally effective at catching a broad range of many other fresh and saltwater species.

The Fish Skull Forage Fly imitates shad, a favorite of predatory fish. This is a perfect streamer pattern for small mouth bass or large trout in big water like the Clinch River, Caney Fork, and Hiwassee with generators running. This fly also has applications for anyone who chases stripers with a fly rod.

“This incredible baitfish imitation is a staple in my repertoire of bass flies and has proven itself time and again as the number one big fish fly on the New River—a world class ‘smallie’ destination. While some anglers may have a tendency to ‘overwork’ the fly by fishing it in short, fast strips much like they might other weighted streamers, the secret is to make long, deliberate strips, allowing the natural action of the pattern to work. Because of the subtle tail motion, the most effective presentation is created by mending the line while sight fishing the fly as it gradually descends in the water column and setting the hook abruptly when it disappears! And, best of all, the Forage Fly works equally well for many other fresh and saltwater species.” – Mike Smith, New River Fly Fishing

  • Fish-Skull head
  • Natural materials
  • Mustad 3366 1/0 hook