Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Freshwater Lure of the Month

Freshwater Lure of the Month
Thunderstick Lure
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. 
~Henry David Thoreau

The Thunderstick lure was originally created by Lauri Rapala in the early 1900’s and was fished off of docks in lakes and ponds.  Little did Lauri know, this lure that she had originally carved out of birchwood would become fine tuned over the years, and with a little added color, would be a mainstay for every pike, walleye, and any other freshwater fisherman out there. 
Currently being manufactured by Storm, these lures are now made with hard plastic that stops the pike from penetrating the lure with its teeth, which can result in a better hookset.  Casting and retrieving slowly will create a natural wiggle that attracts pike.  Thundersticks can be used to troll and to cast.  They are generally meant for water depts. Of 1 to 5 feet.
Rated as a “Top 10 Pike Fishing Lure” by eHow.com, this lure is a must have for any fisherman’s tackle box.

Happy fishing!

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September Trout Fly of the Month!

 September 2010

This very popular fly is not as complex as the Gray Ghost but it can be as effective in the right conditions. It originated around 1927 and became one of the classic American Streamer Lures. Herbert ‘Herbie’ L. Welsh is credited with its design. Herbie claims to be the first person to tie streamer flies that developed into the modern day long shanked streamer flies. His original Black Ghost streamer flies were tied on hooks reshaped from bluefish bait hooks. He needed a longer hook that would be better for making smelt imitations so he started to forge his own. The rise in popularity of the fly was the result of Nellie Newton producing them for Percy Tackle Company in Portland, Maine. The original Black Ghost had a Featherwing like our version. Herb had a shop at Haines Landing on Lake Mooselookmeguntic, Maine USA. He was a renowned fly caster, who was often invited to demonstrate his skill at many sporting shows. Herbie was also a well known taxidermist, fishing guide, an artist and sculptor. You can still see some of his bronze sculptures on display today in the Smithsonian's American Museum of Art. The Black Ghost remains as popular and killing a fly pattern today as it was during the depression era of the 30's. It is ideal for steelhead fishing. Its ability to catch fish has lead to it being used for salmon, sea trout and big trout fishing.



Hook: Streamer 4x-long sizes 2-10 Thread: Black 8/0 or 6/0
Body: Black floss
Tail: Yellow hackle barbs or yarn Hackle: Yellow hen neck, folded back
Wing: White feathers from neck or saddle, use 4 broad feathers
Rib: Flat silver tinsel, palmered

September Saltwater Lure of the Month

The September Saltwater Lure of the Month is the Johnson Silver Minnow!

September 2010

The Johnson Silver Minnow was first marketed in 1920. The Silver Minnow is thicker in the middle than at the edges. This creates the patented 35-degree wobble. No other spoon is built like this, which is why no other lure has worked so well for so long. It rocks back and forth, but it won’t roll and twist line. And it’s plated with pure silver or 24-kt gold, to produce a brighter flash than chrome or brass spoon.

The hook is hand-soldered to the belly of the spoon, and the lure has a looped wire line-tie eye to which I directly attach my fishing line. The top of the lure has a stout metal prong that is strategically positioned right in front of the hook point, thereby defending it against snags and weeds. A biting fish can depress this prong easily but snags cannot. The spoon has an aerodynamic shape and it casts well.

Rated by Field and Stream Magazine as a “Top 50 Lure of All Time” in 2006, the Johnson Silver minnow is a tackle box necessity. Great for fresh or saltwater, the Silver Minnow can also be enhanced by adding a pork-rind trailer, which will give it that little extra wiggle and drives walleye and bass nuts.

Enjoy your lure!

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