Friday, October 24, 2014

October Freshwater Fly of the Month: Blue Winged Olive

October Freshwater Fly of the Month: Parachute Blue Winged Olive

Any good angler knows that it is important to know the tendencies and seasons of the flies in the area they fish in.  But the blue wing olive mayflies are a unique fly, because you will find them at almost every month of the year, wherever you are.  The blue wing olive mayfly looks like a tiny, greenish gray sailboat on the water to the human eye, but to the trout - that sailboat looking fly with wings that are light gray to black looks like lunch! The olives typically hatch and then swim to the surface.  After swimming to the surface, they split their nymphal shells and emerge as winged insects.  The blue wing olives are prime trout food from fall through spring. This gives anglers a distinct advantage over other anglers, as the flies are a sure shot at rising fish at almost any time of the day (particularly effective during the warmest part of the day).

The key to success is to wade as closely as possible to the rising fish, and then target individual fish (as opposed to shooting into a group of the risers).  By watching the individual fish, you can see what stage of the hatch the fish is keying on and where in the current he is feeding.  Be patient! With careful observation, you can pick out the largest fish in the pool and then specifically target it.  Try to position yourself slightly upstream and across so that you can make a fly first downstream presentation to the trout.  

The Blue Wing Olive Spinner Secret (from Hunting and Fishing Suite 101)

Within 24 hours, the spinners mate and fly to the river's surface to lay eggs and die. On many days, the spinners land on the water's surface at the same time the immature nymphs hatch into duns. Anglers see the upright wings of the duns - and tie on a dry fly with an upright wing.  Most anglers miss the secret part of the blue wing olive hatch. The adult blue wing olives that survive the trout fly off to streamside brush and molt into the sexually mature insect, which is called a spinner. Spinners have bright, clear wings and big eyes.  Few anglers see the spinners - with clear, almost invisible wings - sprawled flat on the surface at the same time.  But the trout - especially the bigger, warier fish - see them just fine, and they lock onto the safer, easier prey.Tie on a spinner - such as a Hackle Spinner - and watch tough trout get much easier!

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October Saltwater Lure of the Month: Gulp 3” Shrimp New Penny

October Saltwater Lure of the Month: Gulp 3” Shrimp New Penny 

"Don't waste your money on real shrimp. These are much more effective than frozen shrimp and just as effective as live shrimp, but much more durable."
~Customer Review from Darren

At Fishing Enthusiast, we love trying new things, and this bait is one of the hottest baits on the saltwater market.  Great for Speckled Trout, Flounder, and Puppy Drums EAT THEM UP!  I've used the shrimp as well as the minnow in this series, and both are outstanding baits for every saltwater fisherman's tackle box.

This is better than live bait!!! Specked Trout,Flounder,&Puppy drum EAT them up! Have used both the shrimp as well as the minnow, either one just flat out catches fish!

Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Shrimp is without a doubt one of the most effective saltwater baits of all time. Designed to look, feel, smell, and move just like live shrimp - you can even fish with it the same way! Made to release 400 times more fish-attracting scent than other plastic baits, Saltwater Shrimp are 100% biodegradable, extremely durable and long-lasting.

Since the baits are soaked in the powerful attractant they are more effective and catch more fish. Put the bait back in the bucket to ReCharge its effectiveness. You don't have to deal with the hassle of live bait anymore - try Gulp! Alive! and fish the revolution.     

-Designed to look, feel, smell and move just like shrimp
-100% biodegradable
-Durable and long-lasting
-Each bait has a natural presentation in action, scent, and taste
-Rig and fish using any technique appropriate for live shrimp
-Gulp! Alive! baits absorb up to 20% more fish attractant by weight
-"Recharge" bait by placing used bait back in powerful Gulp! Alive! attractant

October Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bandit 200 Series Chartreuse

October Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bandit 200 Series Chartreuse

Whether you're a pro or just a weekend fisherman, Bandit Lures prides themselves on being able to help take your fishing to the next level.  That's because a Bandit is everything you'll need in a quality crankbait - state of the art molding, premium grade plastics, multi-coat gloss paint.  And, with a complete selection of 51 stock colors, 12 body styles, and twelve different depth ranges, there's a lure to match any fishing condition.  Plus, a Bandit always runs true right out of the box.

 Bandit Crankbaits are some of the most popular crankbaits with experienced anglers for a reason - and it's not just because they are one of the most affordable crankbaits on the market. Featuring a compact shad-shape, with a wide wobble and loud internal rattles, the Bandit Crankbaits have all of the fish attracting features available in a crankbait. Combined with infinite color schemes to match to your local forage, there is a Bandit Crankbait for your situation. Super durable as well, you can bounce it off of every rock, stump or branch you see and it will still look good and swim like it's supposed to. Match up a Bandit Crankbait Series with the depth you want, a color scheme for where you're fishing - and go catch some fish.

About the Bandit Series 200 Crankbait:
Bandit Series 200 Crankbait - The 200 series crankbaits are 2" long and run 4' to 8' deep. This is the best seller of all the Bandit crankbaits. It is an excellent search bait in the spring and fall. It runs as true as any lure made.  

  • Premium grade plastics
  • Multi-coat gloss paint colors
  • State of the art molding
  • Dives 4' - 8'