Friday, October 25, 2013

Freshwater Fly of the Month: Terrestrial Dave's Hopper

October Freshwater Fly of the Month: Terrestrial Dave's Hopper

So many different hoppers, so many first names! How did this happen?  Well we do know the story of Dave's Hopper, this months Freshwater Fly of the Month.  The hopper is named for Dave Whitlock, a fishermen that we owe a great bit of gratitude to for his many creations.  Not only did he create the Dave's Hopper, but also the Matuka, Mouse Rat, Redhead flies and about several dozen bass and saltwater patterns.  His nymph and streamer patterns are old standbys at most fly shops.  Many consider Dave's contribution to fly trying, in terms of pattersn, are broader and more numerous than the contributions of Lee Wulff, one of the most famous fly tyers of all time.

Dave's hopper is somewhat of a tradition to many western fly fishers.  Many fishermen say that once you master spinning deer hair, this is one of the easiest hopper patterns to tie (reason enough to learn how!).  This fly can be tied with all-black materials to create a cricket, or stonefly colors to imitate any of the stoneflies that inhabit the mountain streams. The hopper is tied with trimmed hackle legs that were knotted and bent to shape.  Some of the later variations used knotted pheasant tail fibers, rubber hackle, and hair for legs.  Depending on the area that you live in, and the terrestrials of the local area, feel free to use artistic creativity to add any features as you see fit.

Dave's Hopper casts like a bullet.  The fly is the best in wind because it shoots through wind and tends to land right up tight to the bank more than the other bugs.  It does hold some water, but then it seems to "punch" through blades of grass and fall in the water.  This gives it great fishability.  This fly can also be fished sunk (it's an old timers trick... but it works!).  Try fishing it with a little piece of split shot under a Hopper-Cator, which will allow it to drift up under the grass and into the trout's mouth.  Try it and let me know how it goes!

Freshwater Lure of the Month: Matzuo Zen Series Binate Crank

Freshwater Lure of the Month: Matzuo Zen Series Binate Crank 

The Matzuo bait company's slogan is "From Master Craftsman to Master Angler".  They have produced some of the finest baits known to freshwater fisherman, and are constantly innovating and testing.  Their incredibly attention to detail, such as being painfully precise bending each of their sickle hooks to achieve the optimal 43.405 degree bend, is what truly separates their baits from the rest.  They are dedicated to recreational or avid anglers who are truly trying to get the best bang for their buck, making tournament level baits affortable to the masses.

At Fishing Enthusiast, we have featured a number of fantastic baits from the Matzuo Zen Series, the finest quality tournament series of bait.  Previously we have featured the Kamikazi Spinnerbait, Double Play Crank, and the Triple Play Minnow.  This month, we are incredibly excited to be featuring the Binate Crank bait from the Matzuo Zen Series line, one of the finest baits in this quality tournament series.  

Matzuo Zen Binate Finesse lures are shallow runners available in two sizes. These lures feature two treble hooks and a jointed section to create a perfect swimming action when retrieved in the water. A versatile bait no matter how fast or slow you retrieve it. At rest, the Binate floats like a live resting fish.


We Value...

Innovation -- The latest styles and finishes at tremendous value

Intelligence-- Smart choice for "techy" products at affordable prices

Passion -- Authentic emotions coming from a passion for the activity

Saltwater Lure of the Month: McKala Fishing’s Poppa

October Saltwater Lure of the Month: McKala Cap'n Andy Poppa

The McKala Fishing and tackle company was founded in 1994 in Beacon Falls, Connecticut.  With plenty of experience on the Eastern seaboard, the McKala fishing team has perfected a full line of wooden plugs of all shapes and sizes, built specifically for avid saltwater fishermen.  These lures include fun names like the Poppa, Lil Momma, Killa Gorilla, and this month's selction, the McKala Cap'n Andy Poppa, named for it's creator.  All of the McKala products have been thoroughly and extensively tested by some of the top fishermen on the East Coast, as well as charter Captains throughout the country.   

The Cap'n Andy Poppa is one McKala's finest creations.  The wooden plug comes in white, blue, yellow, and flueorescent orange, and range in size from 1 1/4 oz to 2 3/4 oz.  I recommend trying out all of the different shapes and sizes to find the best fit that provides the most fishing success for you! 

Some tips on how to fish:

  1. Cast is out, then let it sit for a litte bit.
  2. Jerk your rod tip to pop it up, and then let it set again... then pop again.
  3. Cast it and retrieve it slowly, giving it a pop every few feet.  
  4. Cast it out and retrieve it rapidly, jerking the rod tip during the retrieve.
  5. Experiment to find out how it works best for you each time you fishing.

Popular Lures: Poppa, Lil Momma, Big Momma, Killa Gorilla
Company location: Beacon falls, CT
Company Founded: 1994