Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Freshwater Fly of the Month: Dry Stone-Stimulator Orange

June Freshwater Fly of the Month: Dry Stone-Stimulator Orange

The Stimulator dry fly is a go-to attractor dry fly, particularly when you're dry fly fishing during a big stone fly hatch or salmon fly hatch. This dry fly sits up high in the water, even in faster water. Its "bugginess" also makes the Stimulator one of the very best dry flies to use as an attractor dry fly pattern "prospecting" for trout when there is no hatch. 

Stimulator Orange. We all know how fruitful a colour orange can be. The Orange Stimulator is no exception. A ruggedly hackled searching dry fly that doubles as a tempting sight indication. I don't know how many times I have tied one of these on  a slower day to experience and immediate rod slamming take. make sure that you keep a wide variety of colours and sizes on you patch at all time, the Orange Stimulator is one pattern you won't want to be without.

This is my go-to prospecting fly for just about any stream/creek/small river. It mimics so many species of insects that trout prey upon it is pretty much universal. Not only can you fish it dry, I have often caught fish while stripping the fly in for another cast. I've compared this fly to other stimulators tied by other online fly stores, and there is no doubt about it. These flies stimulate a strike where others do not. Try it for yourself. These flies last longer and yield more strikes. There's really no substitute.

Although listed under stoneflies, a yelllow or orange Stimulator in size 12 or 14 is my go-to choice for my dry-dropper rigs. In smaller sizes it can imitate a caddis or small hopper. But it really shines as an indicator with a dropper and every so often the Stimulator gets nailed too- especially in broken faster water. Don't fish the dry / dropper on too fine a tippet though or you will just twist yourself into frustration.

  • Chemically Sharpened, High Carbon Steel Hook
  • Tied with premium materials such as Whiting Hackles
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

June Freshwater Lure of the Month: Berkley Flicker Shad

June Freshwater Lure of the Month: Berkley Flicker Shad

BONUS! We've also included a new Hat Clip in this month's box.  A Must Have for all Fisherman this summer.

Story from Berkley Fishing 
The Berkley story is deeply rooted in the idea of the American Dream. It is about humble beginnings and unexpected success. It's about hard work, struggle, and tough times. And it's about building partnerships to accomplish goals. Still, the story of Berkley is much more than the story of Berkley Bedell. It's also the story of dedicated co-workers and loyal customers, who were equally willing to take risks.
It all began in Spirit Lake, Iowa, in June of 1937, when 16-year old Berkley Bedell took $50.00 from his paper route earnings to start a business selling his hand-tied flies to fishing tackle shops and vacationing anglers. In his upstairs bedroom, with hair clipped from the family dog, Stubby, and feathers from the backyard chickens, young Berkley crafted flies to entice local bluegill and bass from their underwater cover. The Berkley Fly Co. was founded.
By the time Berk graduated from high school in 1939, he was employing several area girls who made flies, silkworm gut, and cable wire leaders in their homes. The business soon outgrew Berk's parent's basement and living room. He expanded to the second floor of the local grocery store, using a tub filled with ice and a fan for air conditioning.  After attending the state university and serving in the Army Air Corps, Berk returned to Spirit Lake in 1945 to start Berkley and Company. 
The next four decades were a time of great growth for the company. In the 1960's Berkley entered into the rod business, which lead to international expansion in the 1970's. Soft plastic baits made an appearance in the 1980's. The 1990's through today have seen significant technology improvements in all of the Berkley products. From the beginning, Berkley has committed significant resources to research and development - a continuing strategy that has resulted in countless product innovations, including Berkley Trilene, the Lightning Rod, PowerBait, FireLine, and more recently Gulp!? and Gulp! Alive.
The Berkley Flicker Shad:
Studies have shown that walleye will single out small shad even when they have other forage available to them. That partly explains why, since its introduction just a few years ago, the Flicker Shad has become one of the most productive trolling baits of our time. Its size, profile, action, and diving depth perfectly mimic the walleye’s favorite meal, and its top-line componentry gives you a bait tuned to run correctly right out of the package. The Flicker Shad features strong hook attachments and a wide range of colors—including custom colors available only from Bass Pro Shops®! Complete with quality, wide-gap trebles to keep fish from coming loose on the way in.

  • Pro designed
  • Size, profile, and dive depth imitate real shad
  • Weight transfer for bullet-like casts
  • Mustad Ultra Point Hooks

June Saltwater Lure of the Month: Kinchou Minnow Redhead

June Saltwater Lure of the Month: Kinchou Minnow Redhead

We are very excited at this month's selection for Lure of the Month.  The Matzuo Kinchou Minnow is a newly launched lure from the Matzuo Tournament collection, and boy is it a winner! This new launch has struck a fear in the rest of the hard bait market - especially with the fish!

The New Kinchou Minnow launched it's signature flared bloody red gills, high pitched rattle, and seductive curves and lip to create a frenzied panic in the water that has never been witnessed before.  It is an aggressive diver with maximum wobble action covering the widest range of water depths from four to 20 feet – crank it or deep water troll. 

The Kinchou features the nervousness of an eccentric baitfish with its curved body and incredible wide wobble! Its aggressive wobble action will receive much attention as it swims thru the water. With its wide wobble, it creates a different resonate sound - different from any other baits. Retrieve or Troll - Fast or Slow! The Kinchou creates a high resonating rattle created by the stainless steel bearings chambered inside the body. The pitch of these bearings is highly attractive to both active and neutral fish

The Matzuo company adds: “This distressed beauty is perfectly balanced to float at rest or take off and dive when retrieved. Fish don’t stand a chance!"
 Marianne Huskey, Professional Walleye Angler and the recipient of the prestigious Anglers Insight Marketing Angler of the Year Award for 2012:

“I am very excited to be working with Matzuo America® and their line of innovative fishing products,” Marianne Huskey commented. “I am most excited to start promoting and fishing with the new Matzuo Kinchou Minnow. It is a perfect hardbait for beginners to professional anglers to experience all the excitement that hooking a trophy fish brings.”