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July Freshwater Fly of the Month: Super Bugger

July Freshwater Fly of the Month: Super Bugger

The traditional Woolly Bugger is an incredibly successful fly due to its resemblance to so many edible creatures in the water–nymphs, leeches, salamanders, or even small sculpins.

The Fish-Skull Super Bugger™ was created by simply substituting the fly tying bead on a Woolly Bugger with a Fish-Skull™. The result is a very effective, multipurpose fly that when stripped resembles a fleeing minnow, and when dead-drifted mimics a variety of aquatic insects and other tasty critters!

     "When the fly hits the water, especially being weighted, the fish picks up on the sound and begins to look for what fell into the water. As you begin the strip the fish gets aligned with the sound and begins to look for the prey. If the fish sees the fly directly from the back as the fly is swimming out into the lake he will rush up to get it generally with his mouth open just before he strikes.
     It is advantageous to have the fish coming behind the fly, as it is difficult for the trout to identify just what is swimming away. To have this happen it is necessary to begin the strip as soon as the fly hits the water, not letting it sink but a few inches under the surface. The strip should be fast and jerky or with an abrupt pause in order to get the fly to pulsate or to make the tail fan out and in. However, trout can come from any place, deep down or under cut banks or even under your boat. When this occurs, sometimes the fish will get a good look at the fly swimming from the side view and he might swim past the fly or swim up on it and shy away.
     It is always best to keep up a steady strip no matter what the fish does. You can't convince every fish, but you will find that your best presentations generally will convince some.    

Alto Puelo Lodge

July Walleye Lure of the Month: Rattlin Rap Shad

July Walleye Lure of the Month: Rapala Rattlin Rap Shad

Lipless crankbaits are some of the most hotly sold fishing lures in history.  This family of lures has been known to catch everything from smallmouth bass and largemouth bass to crappie, speckled trout, walleye, and even salmon.  And you can fish it all year round! With these lures you can fish in all seasons and a whole wide array of weather conditions.  

One of the big draws to lipless crankbaits is how easy they are to fish.  Sometimes called "idiots baits", it's been said that anyone with a rod and reel can catch a fish with a lipless crankbait.  It's hard to say what is so enticing to the fish that chase these little lures. Many feel that the shape of the lure resembles the forage that bass usually feed on, namely shad and perch.  Others feel it is the rattle that attracts fish in droves.  The rattle was first introduced to the fishing world by Bill Lewis in the 1970's, and has spilled over into nearly every family of bass lure in existence.

Tips to Fish:

This is a fast-sinking lure that offers a tight wiggle, and is easy to control at any depth.  It's a great lure to reach for when you've got a lot of water to cover.  Cast it long, then burn it in to trigger the active fish.  You can also cast the lure out and hover it over deep water, vertically jigging it to create that lifelike action.  This lure dives to 20'.  Throw it out and let that extra-loud rattle call the fish in!

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July Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bomber Square Lip "A"

July Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bomber Square Lip A

The Bomber Square Lip A is one of the most effective baits on the open market.  This crankbait features top quality components and construction, and has been continually remade to improve it's fish catching color.  The chambered corners on this coffin shaped lip allow this bait to effortlessly deflect off of fallen timber and give it that irresistible wide wobble, drawing in strikes from all angles.  Ideally used in about 8 feet of water, dive this bait down to around three feet, and let the bait give off it's effortless wiggle.  Fish can't resist!

Tips on how to fish this Square Lip:
  • Fish it in spots you normally would fish a spinnerbait - just outside the weedline, parallel to the bank.  It can be dragged over stump fields, through timber, and around any type of structure.
  • Fish it with a steady retrieve. Don't get too fancy.  Cast it out, let it sit for a moment or two, and then retrieve it at a moderate pace to keep the lure below the surface (around 3 ft).  
  • If you do get caught, walk it through the wood.  When you feel it bounce off something, pause for a second and let it recover.  Then, slowly walk it by - most of the hits come after that brief pause!

Additional features of these lures include:
  • Square lip design
  • Quality treble hooks with stainless steel split rings
  • Floating, dives to 3 ft.
  • Model B04SL is 1 5/8" in length, weighs 1/4 oz and features two sz. 8 treble hooks
  • Model B05SL is 2" in length, weighs 3/8 oz and features two sz. 6 treble hooks
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July Saltwater Lure of the Month: Deadly Dick Long Cast Spoon

July Saltwater Lure of the Month: Deadly Dick Long Casting Spoon

Deadly Dick lures have been a mainstay in saltwater fisherman's tackle boxes for over 55 years.  The quality of the lures is due to the materials as well as the painstaking care they take in their workmanship that are used in production.  The Deadly Dick lures are made of solid brass, then nickel plated, which gives them that shiny, bright finish.  The nickel swivel, stainless steel split rings and also the hooks being seaguard protected Eagleclaw hooks, make this lure nearly indestructible.  As if that's not enough, the lures are environmentally friendly and will not rust.

I recommend using these lures for long casting and deep jigging while drifting.  They can even work well while trolling.  The long casting spoon are sky rocketing in popularity all along the east coast as fishermen up and down the shoreline are clamoring about the quantity and size of striped bass & blue fish.  Many are complaining that their arms are getting tired from catching so many! The style is also growing in popularity for big lake trout and pike.  Over on the other coast - the big hitters are the rockfish, the halibut, and the Ling Cod.  Let me know what you're catching!

When fishing, make sure you vary the speed of retrieval to create the desired action.  This can be fished effectively at depths of around 180 ft. - 200 ft., but feel free to vary this as well.  The weight of the spoon allows for further distance in your cast.  While you are jigging, give it a little slack, and the lure has a slow flutter action that makes them an easy target for feeding Chinook Salmon. 

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June Freshwater Fly of the Month: Nymph Head Heavy Metal Copper

June Freshwater Fly of the Month

Nymph Head Heavy Metal Copper

Martin Bawden of Flymen Fishing located in Charlotte, North Carolina is the creator of the Nymph-Head™ fishing fly design.  Along with his co-owner Mike Smith, they have grown their fly tying business to include some of the most advanced ranges of fly tying beads on the planet! When Martin isn’t on the water or testing out new fly decorations, he can be found tying at various fly fishing events such as the annual International Fly Tying symposium, The Fly Fishing Shows, and the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival.    These flies are sold primarily through very select fly shops and fly retailers throughout the world, but today you get a brand new set of your very own as a member of the Freshwater Fly of the Month Club!

This fly sinks quickly and can be used as a deep nymph or a dropper. Fish seem unable to resist the combination of color, flash, and realistic shape. It is best fished where mayflies or stoneflies are common and even works in certain lake situations.
The popular green, red and blue ultra-wire bodies are enhanced with matching color tungsten beads. For a toned- down, more natural looking fly try the brown variation that has a mayfly brown wire body and tungsten bead.

June Walleye Lure of the Month: The Firetiger

June Walleye Lure of the Month: The Firetiger

The difference between a day of fishing and a day of catching!

Storm has produced some fantastic walleye lures, and this month’s selection is no different! The June Walleye Lure of the Month comes from Storm’s Jointed Minnow collection, and is a firetiger color.  Firetiger colors are best used around docks and bays, especially when the water is a little dingy. The color represents a bream, which fish love to each, and the bright colors add a little extra enticing color that attracts fish from further distances.

Here is a summary of the video’s how to guide to using the Storm Jointed Minnow Stick

This lure has a nice, loud rattle, with aggressive action from the jointed lure.  When you are lure casting, make sure you use a steady retrieve, and that is fundamentally all you need.  Crank it down to the working, desired depth, and then that joint tail is going to provide a really aggressive action in the water.  The action will produce lots of flash from the ball bearings inside the lure.  Cast the lure out and then crank it in.

You can also use the stop and go technique popular among many walleye fishermen.  First crank the lure down to working depth, pause (which will suspend the lure) and then continue your retrieve.  When you give it that little pause, the tail flickers around in the water, and the lure suspends there right in the strike zone, giving a little action of the tail and making it an easy target for predatory fish.

Product Details
   Manufactured by: Storm
   6" includes lip
   deep-jointed model has a deep-diving lip
   Holographic body
   VMC® Barbarian hooks
loud rattle

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June Saltwater Lure of the Month: Nemire Red Ripper

June Saltwater Lure of the Month:
Nemire Red Ripper
John Nemire was a fishermen introduced to the fishing world the same way many of us get introduced: fishing endless days with his Grandfather.  Since the age of 7, John fell in love with the sport and incessantly tried all of the new lures on the market, often times trying to find new ways to improve the lure to catch new fish.  In the early 1970’s, John joined the Toledo Bass Club and became very active in the local tournaments.  It was at these tournaments that he began making his own lures,  trying to gain a competitive advantage on the competition.  Soon after, fellow anglers saw his success and pestered him to make some of these lures for them as well.  Soon after, Nemire Lures was created.

One of John’s most prized creations is the Red Ripper.  Nemire dreamed of figuring out a way to create a weedless crankbait with a rattle.  After endless tinkering and testing along with his son Jason, John finally created the Red Ripper in 1998, his best selling bait to this day.  The lure carries a distinct echoing ping unlike any bait out there, Nemire’s own patented sound chamber. The interesting thing about this chamber is that it can generate a lot of sound with very little movement. The all metal construction and shape of the spoon amplify the vibration and sound produced.

Tips on the Retrieve from

The Red Ripper: The Red Ripper can be retrieved  at variable speeds making it is easy to control the depth of this lure. One interesting thing is that it will always return in the right position, and will not spin or turn over like other lures. Once you stop the retrieve the Red Ripper will begin to drop to the bottom, but unlike normal spoons that simply sink, the Red Ripper will wobble slowly to the bottom, resembling a baitfish. The skirt on the Red Ripper can also be swapped or removed.

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June Freshwater Lure of the Month: Booyah Boogie Bait

June Freshwater Lure of the Month: Booyah Boogie Bait
Booyah Bait Co.: Providing tournament winning tackle including spinnerbaits, jigs, and accessories.

Booyah Bait Company is one of the most well known distributors of spinnerbaits and buzzbaits on the market, so it was only a matter of time before they dove in to this category. Some of their most well known lures include Booyah Blade Spinner Bait, Booyah Buzz Buzzbait (featured as a previous Lure of the Month), and the Booyah Pigskin Jig.   The Boogee Bait (included as this month’s selection) “combines the big-fish attracting profile of a jig, with the flash of a spinnerbait and an absolutely out of control boogie dance” (  The resulting lure is a beautiful attractor that attracts vicious reaction strikes from bass and many other types of gamefish.  The Booyah Boogie Bait has a long list of features, including a shad profile is meticulously detailed with an ultra-durable finish, an XCalibur® Tx3™ hook, a multi-strand silicone and flash skirt and a YUM® Boogee® Tail ™ trailer.

The Boogee Bait is a great bait for cloudy days or at night, and fish tend to really slam these when they hit, so hold on! The flash of the spinner, the vibration, and the profile combine to make this a very powerful bait. You can throw this bait when the wind turns on just like a spinnerbait. The vibration is excellent and will certainly attract the attention of nearby fish.

The Booyah Bait company has helped some of the best pro’s in the world with their tournament winning catches.  The pro’s also help to develop some of the newest lures! B.A.S.S. Elite Pro Alton Jones is considered one of the greatest bass anglers in the world, and is a huge believer in the Booyah brand, so you are in great hands with this new lure. 

Enjoy your new bait and Happy Fishing!
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