Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Freshwater Fly of the Month: Bivisible Badger October Freshwater Fly of the Month
Bivisible Badger

This month's Fly of the Month was chosen after reading through's piece compiled by Deanna Birkholm about the nostalgia that comes from older fly tying patterns.  The bivisible is a classic fly that was introduced by Edward Hewitt in 1926 in his book, "Telling on the Trout". It has remained a standard attractor fly through the years either mimicing a skating caddis or a midge cluster. 

The Bivisible was developed to use two contrasting colors. The darker colors are more readily visible to the trout while the contrast of the light against dark colors allowed the flyfishermen to see the fly on the water more easily. The use of palmering the hackle over the body is a old technique going back perhaps to the 1700's. Mr. Hewitt presented the first Bivisible as a Brown Hackle body with a White hackle wisp at the head. This pattern has been recognized as the Brown Bivisible.
 Others used different combinations of hackles. Mr. Charles Merrill of Detroit, MI is credited with the Badger Bivisible sometime in the 1930's and Hank Wilson, a guide on the White River in Arkansas is credited with the Bulbous Bivisible in the late 1970's.

In his A Trout and Salmon Fisherman for Seventy-Five Years, 1948. Mr. Hewitt, in mentioning a few flies that are the most taking, includes:

"The Brown Bivisible with the white wisp at its head, which I myself introduced, although palmer flies somewhat similar had been in use for many years in England. The white wisp enables the angler to see the fly readily, hence the name I gave it - Bivisible because I can see it and the trout can see it. The fly in various sizes is certainly the most universally useful fly we have, and is perhaps more fished now than any other dry fly. Palmer flies are made in various colors and are called Bivisibles in tackle stores, but this is incorrect. The true Bivisible is brown, with a white wisp of feather at its head."

October Saltwater Lure of the Month: Bomber A-Salt HD4's Saltwater Lure of the Month:
Bomber A-Salt HD4

Bomber fishing lures has been producing some of the most innovative fishing lures since the early 1940's.  Their lures are true and proven fish catchers.  The company was founded just after World War II by two fishing buddies Ike Walker and C.S. Turbeville, who were searching for a more durable set of baits to fish with.  It didn't take long for their sturdy line of lures to take off, and their little company quickly became one of the most popular lure brands in the country.  They created classics like the Model A and the Long A, and have continued to innovate.  Soon enough, the Bomber brand was being recognized as the company that built some of the most trustworthy lures in the tackle market.

The founders have always been into creating newer and stronger lures, and as the looked to expand their selection, they came up with the Bomber Saltwater Grade collection.  This set of lures truly took them to the next level in the tackle industry.  They have developed specialized tools for a savage environment, with stronger  and sharper hooks, super-duty components, bulletproof construction, and bodies that have truer running characteristics, this new line of lures is the toughest to ever hit the market.  They have created over 200 different options built especially for the ocean.

The Bomber A-Salt HD4 included as this month's Saltwater Lure of the Month is one of their best yet.  They combined a "best-in-class" 350,000-modulus polycarbonate body set that boasts a tensile strength of 70MPA (or 10,200 lbs) and a puncture resistance factor of 1,200 lbs of hydraulic force - designed to withstand the crushing power that toothy saltwater game fish can deliver.  The casting system is designed to provide longer and more accurate casts when conditions call for pinpoint placement.

Enjoy the lure and happy fishing!

October Freshwater Lure of the Month: Yo-Zuri Rattl'n Vibe

October Freshwater Lure of the Month: Yo-Zuri Rattl'n Vibe
2-1/2 in. 5/8 oz Sinking lure.

Lipless crankbaits are some of the most hotly sold fishing lures in history.  This family of lures has been known to catch everything from smallmouth bass and largemouth bass to crappie, speckled trout, walleye, and even salmon.  And you can fish it all year round! With these lures you can fish in all seasons and a whole wide array of weather conditions.  

One of the big draws to lipless crankbaits is how easy they are to fish.  Sometimes called "idiots baits", it's been said that anyone with a rod and reel can catch a fish with a lipless crankbait.  It's hard to say what is so enticing to the fish that chase these little lures. Many feel that the shape of the lure resembles the forage that bass usually feed on, namely shad and perch.  Others feel it is the rattle that attracts fish in droves.  The rattle was first introduced to the fishing world by Bill Lewis in the 1970's, and has spilled over into nearly every family of bass lure in existence.

With this knowledge in hand, the creative team at Yo-Zuri wanted to combine all of this into a phenomenally lifelike lipless crankbait that was made with all of the finest materials.  Their Rattl'n Vibe was created as a true wake-up call to any fish in the area. With it's lifelike finish, strong treble hooks, and natural wiggle, this is a lure that fish want to destroy in the water.

Tips to Fish:

This is a fast-sinking lure that offers a tight wiggle, and is easy to control at any depth.  It's a great lure to reach for when you've got a lot of water to cover.  Cast it long, then burn it in to trigger the active fish.  You can also cast the lure out and hover it over deep water, vertically jigging it to create that lifelike action.  This lure dives to 20'.  Throw it out and let that extra-loud rattle call the fish in!