Thursday, October 22, 2015

October Freshwater Fly of the Month: Fish Skull Forage Fly

October Freshwater Fly of the Month: Fish Skull Forage Fly

The Forage Fly™ combines the unique features of the Fish-Skull™ head with natural body materials and a “frantic tail” to create an incredibly authentic baitfish imitation that is as versatile as it is realistic. While originally designed to target river species, such as trout and smallmouth bass, this pattern has proven itself equally effective at catching a broad range of many other fresh and saltwater species.

The Fish Skull Forage Fly imitates shad, a favorite of predatory fish. This is a perfect streamer pattern for small mouth bass or large trout in big water like the Clinch River, Caney Fork, and Hiwassee with generators running. This fly also has applications for anyone who chases stripers with a fly rod.

“This incredible baitfish imitation is a staple in my repertoire of bass flies and has proven itself time and again as the number one big fish fly on the New River—a world class ‘smallie’ destination. While some anglers may have a tendency to ‘overwork’ the fly by fishing it in short, fast strips much like they might other weighted streamers, the secret is to make long, deliberate strips, allowing the natural action of the pattern to work. Because of the subtle tail motion, the most effective presentation is created by mending the line while sight fishing the fly as it gradually descends in the water column and setting the hook abruptly when it disappears! And, best of all, the Forage Fly works equally well for many other fresh and saltwater species.” – Mike Smith, New River Fly Fishing

  • Fish-Skull head
  • Natural materials
  • Mustad 3366 1/0 hook

October Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bandit 200 Series Chartreuse

October Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bandit 200 Series Chartreuse

Whether you're a pro or just a weekend fisherman, Bandit Lures prides themselves on being able to help take your fishing to the next level.  That's because a Bandit is everything you'll need in a quality crankbait - state of the art molding, premium grade plastics, multi-coat gloss paint.  And, with a complete selection of 51 stock colors, 12 body styles, and twelve different depth ranges, there's a lure to match any fishing condition.  Plus, a Bandit always runs true right out of the box.

 Bandit Crankbaits are some of the most popular crankbaits with experienced anglers for a reason - and it's not just because they are one of the most affordable crankbaits on the market. Featuring a compact shad-shape, with a wide wobble and loud internal rattles, the Bandit Crankbaits have all of the fish attracting features available in a crankbait. Combined with infinite color schemes to match to your local forage, there is a Bandit Crankbait for your situation. Super durable as well, you can bounce it off of every rock, stump or branch you see and it will still look good and swim like it's supposed to. Match up a Bandit Crankbait Series with the depth you want, a color scheme for where you're fishing - and go catch some fish.

About the Bandit Series 200 Crankbait:
Bandit Series 200 Crankbait - The 200 series crankbaits are 2" long and run 4' to 8' deep. This is the best seller of all the Bandit crankbaits. It is an excellent search bait in the spring and fall. It runs as true as any lure made.  

  • Premium grade plastics
  • Multi-coat gloss paint colors
  • State of the art molding
  • Dives 4' - 8'

October Saltwater Lure of the Month: Clarkspoons Classic for Game Fish

October Saltwater Lure of the Month: Clarkspoons Classic for Game Fish

"These spoons catch everything ! They work so good it's hard to try anything else love then even for trolling work like magic!! Gotta have them!"

"The standard of the Clarkspoon family"

The Clarkspoon company was founded in America in 1927 and sought to create a series of better saltwater spoons for offshore fishermen.  In the nearly 100 years since the companies inception, the company has created dozens and dozens of innovative new baits, including (of course) the original Clarkspoon, but also Flashspoons, Spoon Squids, Clark Caster, Mackerel Duster, Mackerel Tree, Trolling Sinkers and many others.  Their attention to detail and quality have allowed them to stay ahead of the competition 

The Clark Spoon original is a legendary spoon that has stood the test of time.  With a fast action and strong life like motion designed to be trolled or casted, this bait is a favorite of blues.  It's also a a hands down favorite for Spanish Mackerel, Striper, and other game fish.  They are proven for both salt and freshwater fishing.  

Equipped with special built-in swivel with red bead and reinforced strong, stainless steel hooks, the fast acting lures feature a bright finish and a fast live action flutter.  Rigged Silver Clark Spoon is tied with a 24-ft., 30-lb. test leader and a No. 3 snap swivel. Wound on a 4" wheel.

Available in both chrome and gold.

  • Original Clarkspoons
  • Fast-acting with realistic motion
  • Great for trolling or casting
  • Chrome or gold plated
  • Built-in swivel with red beads
  • Stainless steel Eagle Claw® hooks
  • Clarkspoon