Monday, April 28, 2014

March Saltwater Lure of the Month: Swede’s Big Eye 6 oz. Bucktail made in the USA:

March Saltwater Lure of the Month: Swede’s Big Eye 6 oz. Bucktail made in the USA:

"Superior Quality Demands Performance"

Swede's Lures is proud to offer some of the finest baits made today.  Each lure is finely crafted and proudly hand made in this great country, the US of A.  Swede's Lures prides themselves on their Five Step Posder Finish, which they claim is second to none.  Swedes makes everything from Mojo's and Feather Baits to Bucktails, Umbrella Rigs, and so many more.  

This month's Saltwater Lure of the Month feature is the Swede's Big Eye 6 oz. Bucktail.  A beautiful looking bait.  The Big Eye Bucktail is unique in it's ability to fishin in both casting and jigging modes.  The larger Big Eye is designed to excited predatory fishes of all species and leads to significant additional strikes.  The Swede signature finish on these baits is second to none and adds an extra layer of fish attention attraction.

The Big Eye is designed to actually stay parallel while jigging, which makes it very easy to use and almost fool proof.  Fish that the Big Eye Bucktail is suitable for (but not limited to!!) are: sea trout, fluke, snapper, bass, cobia, stripers, snook, or dolphin fish, just to name a few.

The bucktail jig is indisputably one of the most productive artificial lures ever designed. For this reason all military survival kits include at least one jig in case of a stranding at sea. I personally have caught everything from walleye to tuna on bucktails and always carry a range of colors, sizes, and profiles.

Friday, April 18, 2014

April Saltwater Lure of the Month: Luhr Jensen Pet Spoon

April Saltwater Lure of the Month: Luhr Jensen Pet Spoon

This pet spoon was created by Luhr-Jensen, a world class company with humble beginnings.  The company was founded by Luhr Jensen, Sr. in 1932 in an unused chicken coop on a depression-ridden fruit ranch in the upper Hood River Valley of Oregon.  In the words of Luhr, “Things were simpler then. We made a few different styles of spinners and had special relationships with our Northwest jobbers.  Everyone was “your friend”… it was not a bad time”. 
In 1932, Luhr was 41 years old and his family’s fruit growing businesses was struggling.  With some extra time on his hands, Luhr began stamping and assembling very carefully made, hand crafted salmon spinners.  His fishing knowledge and careful craftsmanship helped to create a very high quality lure.  Before he knew it, friends and associates started demanding his lures.  And so, a little factory was born in his little backyard chicken coop factory.
With the help of his wife and his son and daughter after school, the business grew and prospered.  Luhr was the lead creator, and the kids then replicated his creations.  Most of Luhr’s earliest creations can still be seen in some evolved form today, such as the Ford Fender, named after the Model A from which he obtained the headlight reflector and built the blades.
Luhr Sr. has long since passed, but 70 years later the company is as strong as ever. His lures today are still made in only the highest quality, just as Luhr always wanted.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Genuine chrome or gold plated corrosion-resistant finishes
  • Versatile, multi-species design
  • VMC® Perma Steel® 2X Strong hook
Everyone needs a pet, and Luhr-Jensen's Pet Spoon fills the bill nicely. The lure makes use of genuine chrome or gold plated corrosion-resistant finishes in a versatile multi-species design. The Pet Spoon features heavy-duty construction so it won't blink when facing down hawgs. Equipped with VMC Perma Steel 2X Strong hook.

April Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bomber Model A

April Freshwater Lure of the Month: Bomber Model A

If you were limited to only one crankbait, you'd do well making it a Model A Bomber TM. A staple crankbait with avid fishermen for decades, the Model A's timeless design, workhorse durability and true running dependability, define the meaning of a "Go To Fishing Lure."

Millions of anglers rely on the Bomber Model A to catch a variety of fish, from largemouth and smallmouth bass to white bass, walleye, stripers and more. With a variety of sizes and running depths, there’s a Model A for every situation. For bass, cast and crank windy points and brushy flats. Troll productive areas for walleyes, white bass and other gamefish.

Crankbaits come and go but few plastic crankbaits have had the run the model A baits have. In a variety of sizes and variations the standard model A is still as popular as ever. They aren't as flashy as newer crankbaits but they are durable, cheap, and they still catch fish. If you were starting a crankbait box you could do alot worst than throwing in a couple model A baits. The 7a is the longtime favorite but all the models catch fish. 

For years the 7a was one of KVDs favorite crankbaits but he switched not because they quit catching fish but because of new sponsors. Because they are so cheap and durable you can thrown model As around cover alot easier on the pocketbook. And rocks and grass are where they excel I think. The hooks are better than ever and the colors improve every year. While it may not be the bait that wows your buddies the Model A baits may be the ones you throw the most. -